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Cilcain Oil Syndicate Members

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Cilcain Play Group  HERE

Keith Humphries has placed A4 posters of Cilcain soldiers who died in WW1, outside of the homes they used to live in. Walk around our village and find one near the village centre (Dolwar), 2 as you walk down to the Pentre and 2 more as you walk up from the  

old water pumping station back to the village.

Each poster gives us a little information about the soldier who lost his life defending our country and freedom.         Donations to Help the Heroes would be appreciated.

Time to fill your tank?

Syndicate Oil delivery complete!  

The 2023 Oil Delivery was by  Watson Fuels 68.6p (+VAT).

17,000 litres.

 (You could have paid 84p

at Goldcrest Oils)

Want to find out more? Contact Phil. (Tel. 219168)



Thinking about Air Source Heat pumps?

Check out the facts HERE

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